Pinched nerve in neck – symptoms, causes & treatment

Pinched nerve in neck has become a very common sight in people and is caused by a number of different factors. Studying this article will help you understand and avoid them in the future. A small muscle injury near the neck region is what triggers it and can become quite a painful and uncomfortable experience. However it only stays for a few days and disappears soon. However when the problem and the pain doesn’t subside after a few days, it is advisable that you contact a doctor immediately since theses pinched nerve in neck can later become serious spine issues.

Most common symptoms associated with pinched nerve

Here are some of the most commonly heard and experienced symptoms which the patients have been complaining over the years:-
• PAIN – the most common symptoms which has been reported by almost all patients.
• Some have also complaint about experiencing numbness or a sudden burning sensation around their neck region.
• Muscular spasm especially surrounding the joint areas.
• Weak muscle tissues and experiencing weakness in the muscles.
• Some patients have complained about swelling in their neck region.
• Few other symptoms include minor headaches which when turn severe can also lead to pain behind the eyes.

When experiencing pinched nerve in neck, any sudden movement or jerk is strictly prohibited as it may just hamper the situation and aggravate the symptoms.

Main reasons for pinched nerve in neck

Nerve compression is one of the major reasons. Pinched nerve in neck is found occurring in human beings who give extra stress on their nerves. These nerves are already under constant stress because not only it has to support the skull but also perform various other movements. Gradual degeneration of the bones in your cervical spine also can be a major factor. This is known as neck arthritis. Few other major reasons are degenerative disc disease, whiplash injury, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, facet disease and bone spurs (Osteophytes)

Few home remedies

• Give enough rest to your neck. Make sure you are maintaining a good upright posture while standing or sitting. Your pillow should not be hurting or providing more strain to your neck. Avoid sitting in from of the computer for prolonged periods. Take things easy and calm. Just sitting idle doesn’t help either.
• Another great remedy to counter pinched nerve in neck is by applying hot and cold compress. It helps in removing pain as well as muscle spasms. However it is very important that you give a good time gap between your hot and cold compresses for your skin. It is advisable to maintain a gap of say 20 minutes.
• Proper neck massages and neck exercises makes your nerve relaxed as well as strengthens them a lot.

Use of OTC products and a change in the diet also proves to be helpful in overcoming pinched nerve in neck. There are numerous and plenty more other treatments, but one must always remember that what works for one may not work for the other. So it is always advisable to consult a doctor before trying any new treatment.

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Pain between shoulder blades: the major causes

Pain between shoulder blades is a very common phenomenon that can occur to any person in their day to day activities. There are various reasons for which this kind of pain may arise. Sometimes if you fall or have an accident you may encounter such pain. The muscles in your spinal column may stop functioning when you are stressed out or you are injured and then this problem arises and you feel the shoulder blade pain. The bone that connects the shoulder and the neck may also be another reason for the pain. Often the bone is dislocated in an accident and you are entitled to unbearable pain in between the shoulder blades.

When you fall down from the stairs or slip in the bathroom then you generally tend to land on your back. In that case the first place to get affected is the spinal cord. Along with the spinal cord the scapula or the bone connecting the neck with the shoulder blades gets injured. In this case you feel tremendous pain between shoulder blades. You might have to visit a doctor in order to take care of this problem. The human body is one of the most complicated mechanisms in the world and so it has a lot to be learnt about. Once you visit a doctor he will give you certain medicines depending on the degree of damage caused to the scapula. You may even require an X-Ray report in such case.

Another reason why this pain may arise is when you are working. When you are at office doing work it is very important to have your sitting posture correct. If you’re sitting posture is not correct then you may twist a muscle. Often sitting in front of the computer for long hours can result in pain between shoulder blades. This is because you may be sitting in the wrong way or you may have placed your arms and legs in the wrong way. Being in the same position for a long time has made your body stiff and you get this pain. You should be very careful about such incidents.

Playing outdoor games can also be a reason for pain between shoulder blades. For example when you play cricket your throwing arm is used for a lot of work where as the other arm is used less. There is a misbalance between the arms and you get the pain. Often you may get a bad arm just after you wake up in the morning. This is because your sleeping posture was not right. These are mere problems. You do not need to visit a doctor for these problems unless your condition is critical. In such cases a good rest is enough to cure the problem. When you have a lot of rest the muscles are relaxed and the pain vanishes. This is a very common problem and almost every person faces this problem at some point of time or the other.

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Pain in lower right abdomen

Classification of the abdominal pain is usually made on the basis of the area where they affect. There are four major quadrants into which our abdomen is divided into. The four quadrants are named as upper right quadrant, upper left quadrant, lower right quadrant and the lower left quadrant. Thus, the abdominal pain is classified as per the different quadrants. If we are having a pain in the lower right abdomen, then we must not have to be worried, but still it is important for us to know the possible reasons which are responsible for the cause of the pain. Well, now let us see the major reasons that are responsible for the pain in lower right abdomen.

The most common reason that leads to a pain in the lower right abdomen is constipation. The main reason that leads to the cause of the pain because of the constipation is the difficulty of the digestive tract to pass the bowels. Since the muscles have to do an extra work for pushing the bowels in case of constipation, it puts a lot of pressure on the abdomen and therefore we have to face the pain. Next possible reason that can be the cause of pain in lower right abdomen is the appendicitis. This is a common reason for the pain among the people who are in between the age of 11 to 40 years. In case of appendicitis along with the abdominal pain, the person might also have fever, nausea and a loss of appetite.

Another possible reason for the pain in lower right abdomen is the hernia. We face a pain due to hernia because the soft protruding tissues usually hit the wall of the abdomen and therefore we face the pain. Some men face pain in the lower right abdomen because of the testicular torsion. Usually the men who suffer from the problem of coiled testicles, they face this type of pain. We may face the pain in surges, but many a times the pain may not stop. Thus, in this case it becomes necessary to consult a doctor. Some women face a pain in lower right abdomen because of the ectopic pregnancy. This problem occurs because the fertilized egg does not get situated in the uterus but it gets situated in some other areas. Well, in case the fertilized egg gets resided in the fallopian tube, then the pain may get more intensified.

There are also different forms of cancer that can be a major reason for the pain in the lower right abdomen. Some of the possible type of cancer that can lead to a pain in the lower right abdomen is colon cancer, bowel cancer or the ovarian cancer. Another reason for the pain in lower right abdomen is endometriosis. If the tissues of the womb grow beyond the womb, then it can be the cause of the pain. In case of this pain, a slight swelling also takes place and if it is pressed, then we may face immense pain.

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Upper back pain and its causes

A most common discomfort and a reason for pain in the people of today’s world is upper back pain. Although it cannot be entirely termed as a spinal disorder but it has some serious consequences if not arrested at the initial stage. A very common cause of this pain is due to joint dysfunction and muscular irritation. Another very rare cause of this pain is due to an injury to a disc on the upper back. One must also keep in mind that the thoracic spine (which includes the upper back, middle back and the mid back) is very different from the cervical spine (neck) both in structure and functionality.

The neck and lower back of a human body are specifically designed to provide us with mobility whereas the thoracic spine enables us to maintain an erect posture at all times. The thoracic spine also prevents the vital internal parts of the human body from injuries. This part of the spinal column related to providing stability to the human body has lesser movement compared to others and hence arises the risk of injury leading to upper back pain.

Main causes of upper back pain

Sudden injury and trauma can sometimes lead to upper back pain. Prolonged period with poor posture and strain can also be responsible. Let’s say for example, upper back problems and pain is the complaint amongst most of the people now days who work hours in front of the computer. This type of pain is generally accompanied by neck pain and shoulder pains.

Muscular irritation causing upper back pain

The large back muscles are often victims of irritation which is very difficult to deal with and usually very painful. Repetitive motions and lack of strength (de- conditioning) also lead to such pains. Auto accidents, sports injuries, muscle strains, or other injuries can be a result of pain developing from muscular irritation.

Since the upper back pain and problems include the work and damage of large shoulder muscles; hence any treatment would include stretching and strengthening activities. If there is a specific tender area in your back muscle, then the back pain can be triggered off by a trigger point which generally is located in the skeletal muscles. Working on them is generally done with the help of proper massages, acupuncture and injections on the trigger points with the help of local anesthesia.

Joint dysfunction and other uncommon causes of upper back pain

The thoracic spine is connected to the ribs on both the sides by joints. Any injury or damage to these joints causes severe and prolonged upper back pain. Treatment of such pains generally includes manual manipulation, and may also include shoulder and spine strengthening tasks and exercise routines and schedules. Another main cause of such pain is little motion and a great deal of stability on the thoracic spine which leads to greater risks of damage and injury.

Maintaining proper and upright back posture is always advisable. Prolonged periods of sitting and working in front of the computer should be avoided; you must always break for a little break in between. Proper back strengthening exercises must be practiced as well in order to strengthen your back and keep upper back pain and problems away.

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